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Friday, October 9, 2015

9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Research Triangle Park Conference Center
12 Davis Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC

Hosted by the ICF Raleigh Chapter

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Fearlessly Leading from the Inside Out

Call Forth Your Inner Leader, Incorporating Your Head,
Heart and Intuition to Lead With Passion
Hosted by the ICF Raleigh Chapter

Why attend the ICF Raleigh Chapter Conference?

Fearlessly Leading From the Inside Out is a one-day leadership conference the ICF (International Coach Federation) Raleigh Chapter will host in the RTP Conference Center on October 9th, 2015. This innovative conference is for passionate entrepreneurs, leaders and founders of entrepreneurial organizations, business owners and members of professional associations in the Triangle area.

What is Inside Out Leadership?
To be an effective leader, you need to embody what you want others to be and do. But before you can become a role model, you need to look inside and understand how and why you behave the way you do. Leaders who work from the inside out open themselves to others authentically and share what inspires them fearlessly. This is when other people choose to follow you. That’s when you know the ripple effect has begun.

What gets in your way of creating a thriving life/business?

What gets in your way of creating a thriving life/business? What is preventing you from bringing your passionate message to the world without compromising?

Imagine yourself spending a day knowing that everyone in the room is seeking to possess the same passion: to share their organization’s message authentically, powerfully and purposefully so that it can move and inspire others.

This conference is about building bridges among individuals and organizations in order to share ideas and resources. You will come away imbued with confidence and empowered to stake an authentic claim for your business. Using your head, heart and intuition, you will gain ideas to expand your sphere of positive influence to encourage others and create the brand you want to share with the world FEARLESSLY!

Who will benefit from the conference? 

Coaches, Business consultants, Trainers and Facilitators, Human Resources leaders, Business Owners and anyone else who wants to enhance their leadership skills. 

Program Schedule:

  9:00 -  9:45      Registration

 9:45  -11:00      Greetings and Keynotes: Sara Smith, MCC, CPCC and Paul Smith, MM

11:00 -11:15      Break

11:15 -12:05      Workshops (participants will choose one)

12:05 -  1:00      Box Lunch and Networking

  1:00 -  2:00      Last Session Assembly – Leader Shift with Sackeena Gordon-Jones along with Coach-Artist Annelies M. Gentile


Early Bird Until September 5, 2015:

ICF Members $52

Special ICF Partners Fee $57 (use coupon code)

Guests $64

After September 5th ALL TICKETS ARE $97.   Sign up quickly as this event is limited to 100 attendees.  Registration Link



Get Inspired and Enact Creative Ideas to Create the Ripple Effect by Inspiring Others.

The conference will enCourage participants to determine their desired intentions, help them discover and clarify what they want to achieve, and hold them accountable for their actions, leaving this conference with a commitment to move forward.

The conference will also invite leaders, founders of entrepreneurial organizations and professional associations in the Triangle area to build bridges between the different organizations and their members. All this will be done in the spirit of breaking the barriers between the different organizations in service of our Triangle community flourish.


This groundbreaking conference will feature keynote speakers Sara C. Smith, MCC, CPCC and Paul L. Smith MM, founders of Smith Leadership in Fort Worth, Texas.  Sara and Paul bring a broad range of gifts to the ICF Raleigh conference.  Sara was part of IBM for nearly 30 years and is a globally recognized master coach; Paul has made his mark as an entrepreneur and musician.  They combine their talents to challenge you to understand leadership in new, creative ways.   

In their keynote, Sara and Paul will teach you how to play a Bigger Game™ in your leadership.  The Bigger Game is a concept that takes nine minutes to understand and a lifetime to play. It will encourage you to look at your life and leadership differently.  In a Bigger Game, there are still objectives and rules.  And, the more you understand your Games, the more you can lead fearlessly from the inside out! You can choose those games  that excite, fulfill, and challenge!

The Smiths offer the
Bigger Game™ as a way for you to experience life and leadership differently.  It’s the first step toward unlocking the leader within you – the one people will want to follow.


Following the keynote speech, attendees can choose one of the unique workshops that will focus on personal empowerment, deepening the learning and tapping into participants’ inner strengths.

Alberto Polloni, CPCC, PCC
Co-Founder of TRINITÁZ Coaching Systems, Inc.

Maria Glenn, ACC, CALC
Co-Founder of TRINITÁZ Coaching Systems, Inc.

There is an internal conversation that is constantly running through our minds, steering our thoughts and driving our behavior. Through our exercises, you will explore an important circumstance that is occurring in your life right now. You will hear your beliefs and become aware of how they are impacting your decisions. Through this playful and interactive session, you will choose the narrative that will create the outcome you want.


Kathleen O'Grady, PCC, CALC
Founder of Raleigh Coaching, LLC's Raleigh Coaching Academy

                           Lucetta Zaytoun, ACC, CPCC, CALC
President of Raleigh Coaching, LLC's Raleigh Coaching Academy

"Taking Your Passion’s Pulse:  The Legacy Factor”

Your soul has a project. What are you doing to see it through?

It is human nature to desire creative freedom, recognition of impact, and a sense of authentic fulfillment. This experiential workshop is designed to help you uncover to what extent your soul’s desires are being met in your life. You will be invited to explore authentic passion factors in order to determine what limiting beliefs may be holding you back from living a life of legacy.

We will facilitate an “authentic leadership baseline inventory” exercise in order to help you see what may be hindering your access to joy. You will self-identify your ideal manifesto and walk away with a refreshed understanding of your authentic leadership traits, as well as specific actions to implement towards a soul-driven career/life legacy.

Dina Maloney, Co-Founder 
Authentic Leadership Coach 
EPIC Coaching and Consulting

Keith Lawton
Authentic Leadership Coach, ubritsa Coaching


"The Credibility Continuum: Transferring your Passion from the Inside Out"

This workshop will encourage participants to redefine their current definition of credibility, which may be creating a barrier toward progression in their personal and professional lives. The aspects of yourself on which you "believe" others are basing their perception of you are potentially not "reality." We will look at how small shifts in thinking can re-frame your story to build a sense of drive in your words and actions, ultimately projecting a compelling, competent and credible you!


While the workshops are in session, founders and leaders of local organizations will participate in an executive roundtable discussion to share ideas on how to best support their organization members. During the Executive Roundtable Session, participants will share their respective organization’s mission, as well as brainstorm ways in which they can become a collaborative force to collectively support the needs of their members.

We will create and hold the space for a facilitative, insightful, action-forwarding dialogue among like-minded leaders. Cooperation is a place in which magic happens.

When we cooperate to generate solutions, we open the door for innovation, creativity and success. Authentic collaboration is based on a foundation of trust — that you’re working toward a common and higher goal and are able to shift the focus from what’s best for the individual to what’s best for the group as a whole.

This session will be lead by Vickie Bevenour, MBA, PCC, an Executive Coach, President and Founder The RDW Group, Inc and Author of the book "Unleashing Your Inner Leader".



This session is led by executive coach Sackeena Gordon-Jones, PhD, PCC, who has garnered praise and recognition as a presenter, motivational speaker, published author and coach trainer. She is an inspirational principle-based leader and advocate for positive change, empowerment, passion and accountability leading to cultures of trust, transparency and excellence.  

Sackeena’s keynote, “Leader Shift” invites us to consider the critical roles that self-awareness and courage play in positioning us to lead from the inside out: incorporating Head, Heart and Guts.

The best leaders lead from their core; they inspire and transform. They break barriers and expand comfort zone in the present, leading a path to possibilities in which we lead our lives fearlessly. This shift suggests an open door through which we can achieve both success and happiness. Join Sackeena as she helps us see the connection between leading fearlessly and achieving both success and happiness.

FEARLESS ART: In this last session, we also will have integrative leadership coach (and working artist for 23 years) Annelies M. Gentile, MA, ACC as our special guest and inspiration component.

Since youth, Annelies has been inspired by self-similar patterns. She noticed fractals everywhere — in clouds, riverbeds, anatomy, broccoli stems, mathematics, systems, psychology and so on. The more she noticed, the more they s
howed up. Annelies also noticed how shifting her perspective to the fractal pattern changed her overall experience of what was being noticed. Today, this ‘ah-ha’ seeds her technique and philosophy, which is applied to her art, coaching, consulting and healing practices. She invites clients to include the whole, not just pieces, and to honor the power of minutiae. She calls this recognition technique “Fractal Patterning.” In a nutshell, she invites clients to explore their relationship with perception in order to guide change from within.

Annelies’ Fractal series paintings are exclusively painted live, in front of an audience, with the use of her hands and mostly with primary colors. Each painting has, embedded on the canvas, a small ‘DNA Fractal’ print from her previous painting, which makes all of her Fractal series connected as one extended family, never breaking relationship to itself nor to oneness, which includes the observer, audience and artist. Annelies will paint live during Sackeena’s end session, inspired by what’s heard and experienced during our ICF conference. Love it? More than a dozen brilliant fractal paintings will be produced at once, and all are available for pre-sale the day of our conference. A portion of the art sale proceeds will go to the non-profit where Annelies serves as board member and facilitator, the Center for Human-Earth Restoration.

Thank You To Our Sponsors and Exhibitors!

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