Community Coaching Outreach (CCO)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is the Community Coaching Outreach (CCO) program?

The International Coach Federation-Raleigh Area Chapter (ICF-RAC) has launched an initiative to extend the benefit of professional coaching to nonprofit organizations on a pro-bono basis. The goal is three fold:
  • Provide a meaningful way for our member coaches to give back in our communities
  • Provide exposure to the experience of coaching to those who could benefit the most, but may be able to afford it the least
  • Raise awareness of the value and benefits of ICF and professional coaching for leaders and organizations


How can I get more information about CCO?

For additional information, you may contact us:  Raquel Dominguez or Donnell Seyni, committee chairs.

How can a nonprofit leader request a coach?

Nonprofit leaders that are members of the NC Center for Nonprofits can request the service by using the online application on the Center’s website. If you are a nonprofit leader, and you are not a member of the NC Center for Nonprofits, you may contact us by email for information on requesting a coach.

Email Raquel Dominguez or Donnell Seyni.


How can coaches volunteer?

We are very excited to provide this opportunity to our member coaches. To ensure that our clients receive a consistent, positive experience, all coaches need to be members of the International Coach Federation (ICF), with priority given to those who are members of the Raleigh Area Chapter. Coaches, who want to volunteer, need to:
  • Fill out the application form.
  • Email completed application to Donnell Seyni
  • Agree to abide by the ICF Code of Ethics
  • Attend the CCO Orientation and follow-up calls
  • Be willing to provide up to 5 hours of pro-bono coaching sessions
  • Communicate the coaching agreement clearly to clients
  • Be responsible for the coaching relationship and agree to the ICF-RAC disclosure

How does the Coaching process work?

Here are the main ingredients of the coaching process.
  • Coach and client are matched by the Center and ICF-RAC committee.
  • The coach contacts the client and orients him/her to coaching.
  • Coaching sessions can be done in person, but are more often done by telephone or by Skype.
  • Clients receive coaching sessions over a period of 3 months, either two or three times per month until the 5 sessions are exhausted.

What are the most common coaching topics of interest to CCO clients?

Here are some of the common areas covered in these coaching relationships:
  • Burnout Prevention and Stress Management
  • Leadership and Interpersonal Skills
  • Clarifying Mission/Vision
  • Decision-Making
  • Team-Building and Motivation
  • Life and Career transitions
  • Creating Balance between Professional and Personal Lives

Are there other ways that coaches can contribute?

Here is a partial list of ways that ICF-RAC members can contribute to the CCO initiative:
  • Talk about the ICF-RAC’s CCO initiative in networking groups to build awareness
  • Refer potential organizations and/or leaders, serving our community who would benefit from coaching (e.g. Healing Place, Dress for Success, etc.)
  • Share the work we’re doing with associates through social media channels
  • Volunteer to use skills and strengths to support the initiative and its clients to make a sustainable impact
    • Conduct a virtual seminar, keynote, or workshop for clients as a gift from ICF-RAC
    • Ask a business to partner with ICF-RAC and sponsor CCO clients
    • Organize a fundraiser to enable us to sustain our ability to make an impact
    • Serve on the CCO Committee for administration, hosting events, fundraising, or communications.

When pro-bono sessions are complete, how may clients get additional coaching?

Our goal is to provide the exposure and experience of coaching for those who have not had the benefit or are limited by finances.   We do not want to our coaches to solicit, prospect, or push additional fee-based coaching.  However, clients that want to engage in additional fee-based coaching may ask for more information from the coach or search our coaching directory for the most appropriate professional coach.

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