Tuesday, July 19, 2022 12:30 PM | Mindy Schrager

Meeting the Shadow returns again starting August 2nd. Information Sessions will be held at 12:30p AND 6:30p EST on July 19th.


Program Description below. Additional details and link to register for the Information Session -

Ever find yourself triggered by your clients, your family members, or events that are taking place in the world? Or maybe you say to yourself, I could never be like that. In the world of shadow work and integrative coaching, the events and people who cause you to react, highlight aspects of yourself that you have not fully integrated. 

In the six-week Meeting the Shadow (zoom, portions will be video off) class, you will learn key elements of shadow work, look at how your story and beliefs might be holding you back, and uncover and integrate the positive qualities to support you in living a more expressed version of yourself.

More specifically, the six weeks will address:

1)   To begin to understand what the Shadow is and how it can affect your life at almost every level.

2)   To break out of beliefs that have limited you and to see yourself from another, more powerful perspective.

3)   To gain the ability to identify your story and the limiting beliefs that it holds.

4)   To learn how to step outside of that story and reclaim your ability to choose who and what you can be.

5)   To discover your unique recipe and unveil the secret hidden in your personal drama

6)   To support you in living an extraordinary life and delivering your greatest contribution to the world.

7)  To give you an opportunity to share your experience, ask questions, and deepen your experience.

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