A Journey Into The More ...MARCH 14th Space Left!

Friday, March 14, 2014 1:00 PM | Anonymous
What Is The More? www.agathering.us

Inward bound...discover beauty, power, and peace of moving within.
The Law of Being. Personal Partnering. Self-Reflection.

It is time to "BE" - powerful self-awareness and coaching experience for YOU, for your CLIENTS...

Beingness is a state of Mind, where you embrace the influence of your thoughts and perceptions. It determines your experience. If you are Mindful of your level of Beingness, you'll move into living in the Isness. That is the art of entering into The More.


The More
is...what you have been yearning for and eager to reconnect to in your life. It is living without angst and living in peace and satisfaction. It is experiencing the release of the old and opening up your heart to all that Is and will be in life.

The More is...redefining Success! Success is an intimate decision rooted in your perceptions of what you think will make you Whole and happy, transcending traditional career and/or ideal life aspirations. Your perception, and your perception alone, allows you to enjoy all aspects of life more simply - nurturing you for you and only you so that you find "success", wholeness, happiness in all you do, see, feel, experience.

The More is ... redefining your vision of personal satisfaction to be inclusive of the Knowing of the value of All. It is experiencing ALL of your senses, consciously with awe and awareness that is never ending. It is finding BLISS in life of All that Is, has been and ever will Be. ​

Join us in rich dialogue on claiming your best life, indulging in decadent healthful eats & treats, photography reflection opportunities and play time filled with laughter and creativity. This self nurturing weekend is truly a time to refine your senses on every level. Anchoring yourself in successful exploration of The More awaits your enjoyment. Reconnecting with the experience of loving and accepting yourself will cause others to reconnect as well. It is a self directed experience.

Take the brave step off the dock of complacency and join us for this maiden voyage of experiencing The More, most certainly a gathering to remember.


  • Wednesday, February 26, 2014 4:52 PM | Anonymous
    Feel free to call me so we can talk about what "The More" feels like to you! 919.809.2004
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