Into Oneness Series: Foundations

Friday, February 19, 2021 6:30 PM | S. Barton Cutter

Join Barton and Megan Cutter, February 19th-21st,  for Into Oneness: Foundations, your doorway to the Into Oneness Series. An experiential weekend where we will dive deep into the nature of experience and begin to taste the connective tissue that underlies all perceived realities. Together, we'll set the foundation for understanding how that “connective tissue” operates, how to hone the tool of perception to experience it directly, and explore ways to deepen and invigorate your current practices.

High emphasis is placed on limitation-shattering experiential activities and reality-altering conversations so you have the tools to develop and enhance your own perception-expanding solo-practice. Through the Foundations course you will:


·       Find direct access to the “connective tissue” that underlies all meditative, spiritual, and human development practices

·       Play with multiple lenses for accessing the unified field of consciousness

·       Develop perceptual acuity to distinguish and move from various layers of experience

·       Activate deeper intimacy with your perceived reality

·       Glimpse new paradigms for identity, freedom, and expression

This weekend experience is guaranteed to be a halo jump into boundless freedom, veracious laughter, and unfathomable profundity! You ready? 


Your deepened intimacy with the Unified Source starts here! Let’s PLAY!!!!

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