Coach Connect

New to the area? Coaching student? Want to learn more about coaching?  This is the right meeting for you.

What is Coach Connect?

This is an informal, ongoing  series of networking events to learn all about coaching, the business of coaching, coach training, and many more coaching related topics. It is a chance to meet other professionals in our field and exchange knowledge and our coaching experiences.

Who should attend?

All Coaches, Coaching Students, Coaches-To-Be, Friends of Coaches, Coaching Schools, and anyone interested in learning about coaching. Whether you are a new coach, a seasoned coach, or you want to learn more about coaching and/or how to become a coach, this event is for you. If you are someone who is passionate about helping coaches advance their career or business, this event is for you too.

Benefits of attending

  • Enrich your knowledge and exchange learning
  • Networking with others who embrace a coaching culture
  • Engage our community in powerful conversations to learn about coaching
Upcoming Coach Connect Events

What is coaching

Building a Coaching Culture

Become a Coach

ICF Coaching Credentials

Coach Connect Memories

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