ICF-RAC Sponsorship Opportunities

Are you looking for ways to reach hundreds of coaching professionals throughout the North Carolina region? Contact us to promote your product/service on the ICF-RAC Website.

ICF-RAC represents coaching professionals from as far north as the Virginia border, as far east as Wilmington, and as far west as Winston Salem. Our coaches and aspiring coaches also collaborate and share information via our LinkedIn Group. Together, our website and LinkedIn portal allow you to connect to a large group of coaches and potential coaches throughout the region.


Who can benefit from being an ICF-RAC sponsor and/or advertiser?

  • Coach training schools
  • Companies with coaching-related products/services
  • Businesses offering products/services useful to small business owners
  • Organizations looking to connect and partner with ICF-RAC's Members


Why advertise your services or products on this web site?

  • There is a growing community of professional coaches in the Triangle and surrounding areas.
  • The International Coach Federation (ICF) has over 10,000 members globally and the ICF-Raleigh Area Chapter has a thriving coach population of more than 150 coaches.
  • Our members consistently refer to our website as a resource to grow their business and access tools to support professional growth as well as the success of their clients.
  • ICF is globally elevating the profession of coaching through the implementation of new training and credentialing requirements.
  • Our chapter website serves as a resource for individuals who are considering coaching training and credentialing.
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