ICF-RAC partners offer our members additional opportunities to grow, learn and connect. Featuring discounted partner events and joint learning and social events, our partnerships are just one more way membership works for you! If you are interested in partnership, please contact us at admin@icfraleigh.com.


ATD Research Triangle Area is the leading professional                association for linking people, learning and performance.         


The ATD RTA Chapter’s mission is to meet the needs of              training and development professionals from all segments                  of the field for professional development, leadership,            networking, and fellowship, and to serve as a learning              resource to our communities.

As an ICF-RAC Member you are invited to participate in all ATD Research Triangle Events


Advance the principles, practice, and profession of organization development.


Connect colleagues who share ideas and practices around organization development.
Make it easy to meet, learn, and collaborate with each other.

As an ICF-RAC Member you are invited to participate in all TODN Events

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