Enhance your experience as an ICF RAC member or affiliate by getting involved! 

There are opportunities to join in for a day, help plan a special event or commit for a year. 

Share your time and talents with Programs, Membership, Marketing or our external Partnerships. Just look at some of the amazing volunteers we have. 

"In the past, being a part of ICF Raleigh meant attending a couple of programs each year. Since becoming a board member, I have grown to fully appreciate the wealth of resources within ICF Raleigh, our Southeast partner chapters, and ICF Global. It is an amazing organization with amazing people!”-Bob Stapleton

"I volunteered in the program's leadership committee and then as a board member. Volunteering at ICF Raleigh provided a great opportunity for me to meet with great people who have become my dear friends, collaborate in a professional setting on projects that excited me, learn and grow as a person/coach and serve the community. I am grateful and honored for the opportunity to serve."- Maryam Mohaghegh

"ICF Raleigh Chapter has become a community that fosters growth of our students and opportunities to synergize with other coaches. Coaches in this community not only grow together, the give together: to the organizations in our region and around the world."-Sackeena Gordon-Jones

To learn more about volunteering, fill in this form and a board member will be in touch shortly.  There is information about each type of volunteering below the form.


  • Organize and host our Webinar series.
  • Organize and host our Book Club or facilitate a Book Club discussion.
  • Organize and host our Movies that Matter program or present a Movie that Matters.
  • Organize and host our Cutting Edge Conversation program (CEC) or facilitate a CEC.
  • Chair or join our International Coaching Week Committee.
  • Chair or join our biennial ICF RAC Conference Committee.


  • Be the welcoming face of ICF RAC. Become an Ambassador.
  • Meet and greet our members. Help with event registration. Participate in our membership drive.


  • Assist our Marketing chair.
  • Lead our Social Media efforts.


  • Help recruit Sponsors.
  • Assist our Coach Connect leader.
  • Provide pro bono coaching to a nonprofit partnership member. 
  • Join in building our business, educational and nonprofit partnerships.

To get involved, fill out the form at the top of this page.

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