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    • Thursday, May 18, 2023
    • Thursday, July 27, 2023
    • 6 sessions

    Higher Education Coaches Special Interest Group (HEC-SIG) - Cohort #4 

    Open for registration!

    Who should join? 

    Anyone interested in coaching in a Higher Education environment

    Novice coaches or those considering a coaching career will be exposed to the new ICF Core Competencies

    Experienced coaches will have an opportunity to refresh their skills, demonstrate the updated core competencies in practice sessions, and expand their coaching network

    Why should you join?

    Certificate of completion (attend 5 or more sessions)

    Earn a digital badge for your LinkedIn profile

    Opportunity to collaborate

    Includes a celebratory gala

    Group expected outcomes:

    • Create a community of practice to support coaching in Higher Education
    • Share evidence based & best practices in coaching in Higher Education
    • Familiarize coaches with needs of undergraduates, graduate students, & faculty/administers
    • Increase visibility & recognition of coaching on campuses while building a supportive network for coaches in higher education
    • Build evidence for and evaluate the effectiveness of coaching in Higher Education


    May 18: Tools to start an ethical effective coaching relationship with clients in academia 

    June 1:  Supporting university populations by cultivating safety and trust 

    June 15:  Setting an agenda for a successful coaching engagement : maintaining presence with clients in academia 

    June 29:  Leading with curiosity and listening actively as a coach in a Higher Ed environment

    July 13:  Developing clarity by evoking new perceptions of thoughts, behaviors, and action in academia

    July 27:  Supporting goal-directed forward movement in Higher Ed coaching practice 

    Celebratory Gala: TBD 2023


    Date: every other Thursday beginning May 18 through July 27

    Time: 8-10 a.m.

    Location: Online via zoom

    CCEUs- 2 Core Competencies per event date (12 in total)

    Registration Fees: 

    ICF-RAC Members and Affiliates: $80 ($60 early bird special until May 5)

    Partners and ICF Global Members*: $90 ($70 early bird special until May 5),

    Guests/Non-Members: $100 ($80 early bird special until May 5)

    Any Cohort 1, 2, or 3 member is welcome to register and participate in Cohort 4 for free.

    • Thursday, June 01, 2023
    • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    • Zoom

    ICFRAC 2023 Virtual Conference Interest Meeting

    June 1st at 2pm

    Hosted by Kelli Hendrickson and Kim Gray

    Have you been wanting to be a Chapter Volunteer but have limited availability? Do you have a passion for writing content? Do you enjoy organizing, coordinating, and setting up processes? How do you feel about working with our Speakers, Vendors, or Participants? Do you want to be a Virtual Room Host?

    Come to the Virtual Conference Interest meeting to see how you can bring your skills and passions to help us ICF RAC make the 2023 Virtual Conference an experience to remember!

    ICF RAC is forming a 2023 Virtual Conference Committee and is hosting an event to outline the broad strokes of our goals for the conference and the structure of the committee and the opportunities to volunteer.

    Parties should attend if they are interested in contributing to:

    • Overall content planning

    • Enhancing participant and speaker experience

    • Finding and organizing vendors

    • And to brainstorm what else that comes to mind

    • Thursday, June 08, 2023
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
    • Webinar Via Zoom

    Southeast Regional Webinar: Leveraging Technology in Coaching: Best Practices and Future Trends (ICF Charlotte)

    Date: Thursday, June 8, 2023 -12:00 Eastern Time (US Canada)

    Presenter:  Nabil Bouassaba, ACC

    CCEU:  0.75 Core Competencies and 0.75 Resource Development Credits 


    In today's fast-paced world, technology has revolutionized the coaching industry, enabling coaches to enhance their practices and connect with clients in new and innovative ways. This webinar will explore the benefits and best practices of leveraging technology in coaching, as well as emerging trends that will shape the future of coaching.

    Learning Objectives:
    • Overview of how technology has impacted the coaching industry
    • Benefits of using technology in coaching
    • Common technology tools used in coaching
    • Understanding how communication technology (e.g. video conferencing, messaging apps) can enhance coaching
    • Best practices for using communication technology in coaching
    • Addressing potential challenges when using communication technology
    • Understanding how data analysis technology (e.g. performance tracking, assessment tools) can enhance coaching
    • Best practices for using data analysis technology in coaching
    • Addressing potential challenges when using data analysis technology
    • Understanding how social media technology (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter) can enhance coaching
    • Best practices for using social media technology in coaching
    • Addressing potential challenges when using social media technology
    • Ethics and privacy considerations in technology-assisted coaching
    • Future technology trends in coaching
    • Practical applications of technology in coaching

    Join us for this informative webinar and learn how to leverage technology to enhance your coaching practice and stay ahead of the curve in the coaching industry.


    Meet Nabil, a remarkable entrepreneur and coach who has built a reputation for his exceptional leadership and coaching prowess. With recognitions from the prestigious Forbes Council for implementing cutting-edge AI in coaching, he was nominated as the President of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Charlotte Charter Chapter. On top of that, he is a certified Goleman Emotional Intelligence Coach, a proud member of the American Psychological Association, and the esteemed International Leadership Association. Nabil has coached top-level UN officials, executives from a diverse range of industries, and fellow coaches from all corners of the globe.


    Because this webinar is being offered by ICF Global, registration requires a two-step process.  The first step is to register with ICF-Raleigh.  Once you successfully register and make payment, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to register with global.  Payment is only required during the first step.  The second step authorizes global to send you the Zoom link for the webinar.  

    Please contact us if you have any questions.

    • Friday, June 16, 2023
    • 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM
    • Zoom

    Save the Date- Q2 Event/ Speak in Flow with Melinda Lee

    June 16, 2023 |
    11:00am ET

    More information to come.

    • Friday, July 07, 2023
    • 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
    • Zoom

    DISCOVER Questions Get You Connected for High-Value Coaching with Deb Calvert

    July 7, 2023 |
    11:00am ET

    CCEUs- 1.5 Core Competencies

    Better questions = Better coaching! Participants will expand their repertoire of questions and learn additional purposes for asking questions that stimulate reflection, promote self-discovery, and accelerate client awareness about their own priorities, goals, perceptions, and options.

    Research reveals that there are 8 purposes for asking questions. Most of us routinely rely on just 4 of these purposes, but coaches who use all 8 strengthen relationships and accelerate client awareness and growth. Learn the 8 purposes in the acronym DISCOVER and how to enhance your coaching engagements by using a variety of all 8.

    During this highly interactive workshop, participants will craft and share questions. Deb will prepare a question set based on the group’s contributions. This lasting tool will reinforce the training and benefit all members of the ICF-RAC long-term.

    Participants will use DISCOVER Questions  to:

    1. Quickly understand and facilitate self-discovery about what the client values most and why.

    2. Master question types that help clients visualize or better understand their own desired outcomes and goals.

    3. Evoke new ways of looking at a situation and thinking about solutions by moving beyond standardized coaching questions and formulaic responses to “meet the client where they are”.

    Speaker: Deb Calvert 

    In your organization: Do people struggle when it comes to collaboration or communication? Are your employee turnover rates too high and your engagement rates too low... leading to issues with productivity, customer satisfaction, revenue generation, and profitability? Do you struggle to set, keep, and communicate clear priorities that unify members of your team? Maybe it's time to look at your people practices. To strengthen internal and external relationships, employer brand, and full-circle engagement, it may be time to take a good, hard look at the interactions and practices of your people.

    Deb Calvert is the President and Founder of People First Productivity Solutions, an organization founded that focuses on the people parts of business, including:

    ● Coaching for Executives, Managers & Sales Teams

    ● Leadership Development for Leaders at Every Level

    ● Training for Managers and Supervisors

    ● Consulting on Team Effectiveness, Collaboration, Productivity, and People Practices

    ● Employment Engagement, Communication, Soft Skills, and Critical Thinking

    Deb is the recipient of numerous awards in sales and the published author of highly rated sales and marketing books.

    • Friday, July 21, 2023
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
    • Zoom

    Using Silence to Maintain Presence and Evoke Awareness with Laura Janusik

    July 21, 2023 |
    12:00pm ET

    CCEUs 1.5 Core Competencies

    Newer coaches often say they feel like an imposter or fraud because they don’t know how they add value to their client by just listening.  More experienced coaches identify their ability to be comfortable in the silence as one of their strengths as a coach. That is the paradox of Silence.  It’s in the silence that coaches provide the client with time to think so they can find their own answers.

    “You should avoid the temptation to break into this space by feeling forced to ‘speed the process up’ or doing something ‘so that the client realizes that you are worth your fees’ (Dembknowski, Eldridge, & Hunter, 2006).  It is in the strategic silence where you add the most value.

    Laura has researched Silence and taught many of the strategies to feel confident doing it.  Join this interactive session where you’ll actually practice new strategies for silence.  This presentation has something for both beginning and advanced coaches!


    1. Coaches will better understand how listening is helping the client by learning some research on silence.
    2. Coaches will learn two techniques that can be used to help your client go deeper.
    Coaches will practice the techniques to become more comfortable with strategic silence.

    Speaker: Laura Janusik’s 

    Coaches rely on listening more than almost any other profession, yet the training coaches get in listening is minimal. Laura is a results-driven communication/listening coach and trainer and a recognized worldwide expert in teaching and training listening. Laura helps coaches understand the science of listening by translating the research and helping coaches figure out how to apply it in their coaching practices. With a Ph.D. in Communication with a specialization in Listening, as well as an MBA, and her ECHO™ Listening Certified Professional Certificate, Laura is able to see different ways to solve problems through both communication and process systems.

    • Thursday, July 27, 2023
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Remo
    • 100

    We are excited to host our fifth Coach Connect for 2023. Our host this month will be Vahbiz Shroff . 

    Are you looking for connections with your coaching colleagues?

    Bring your lunch and questions to this month's event, engage with other members, and share your story with us.

    Calling All Coaches and Coaches-to-Be! We invite you to join us each month to participate in 'getting to know you' conversations, meet your Board members, and learn more about the business of coaching. 

    Registration Fees:

    This event is free and open to Members, Affiliates, Partners and Guests. Registration is required so that you'll get the reminder email from Remo.


    Please contact us if you have any questions. admin@icfraleigh.org

    • Friday, August 04, 2023
    • 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
    • Zoom

    Coach and Client Values: A Deep Dive Into Why Values Matter with Amy Schoen

    August 4, 2023 |
    11:00am ET


    Amy will share how to discover a deeper way to look at your values, learn how to bring into focus what truly matters for your clients and how to utilize these core values as a rudder to help with their life’s decisions. This is an experiential talk with opportunities to practice with another coach the concepts taught. The coach will learn why knowing one’s relationship values versus personal values is instrumental to developing successful relationships.

    The coach will:

    1. Be able to identify one’s values with more depth and with

    greater specificity.

    2. Recognize one’s values as relationship values or personal


    3. Understand why knowing one’s values is instrumental to all

    successful relationships.

    4. Learn how to bring into focus what matters for their clients.

    Meet our Speaker:

    Amy Schoen is a Certified Professional Life Coach who is nationally recognized in the area of dating and relationship coaching. Amy has helped hundreds find their lifelong mates and helped early-stage couples create fulfilling and satisfying relationships that lead to greater commitment and marriage. Amy’s life coach training and skills along with her incredible life experiences enable her to serve and develop her clients in both the personal and professional realm. Her clients say that Amy is inspiring and a creative solution-oriented coach. They also appreciate her insightfulness for knowing how to read people in a given situation, be it personal or professional, and offer perceptive solutions to help her clients achieve their relationship goals. Amy is an active participant in the International Coach Federation, especially in the DC Metro area. She is also a published author and the leader of highly successful relationship workshops. As a professional speaker, Amy has spoken to numerous professional organizations and social groups and has appeared on both radio and TV. Her freelance articles have appeared in a variety of publications.

    • Friday, August 18, 2023
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
    • Zoom

    Six Domains of Leadership- An Overview- Jose Solera

    August 18, 2023 |
    12:00pm ET

    CCEUs- TBD

    The Six Domains of Leadership (SDL) is a very effective model to help individuals assess and plan to improve their leadership. The domains build on each other and focus on the leadership effects that the leader wants to achieve. A 360 degree survey provides insight as to how the leader and their raters see the leader.

    We will do an overview of the model (45 minutes) then a brief assessment of a sample report so that the audience gets a flavor of how we use the report to guide our coaching (30 minutes).

    If time permits, an overview of our Personal Development Plan (PDP) and Organizational Change Initiative (OCI) tools, including the use of the Leadership Action Deck in planning the PDP.

    There’ll be time for Q&A during and after the session.


    1. An understanding of the Six Domains of Leadership Model (SDL).

    2. A familiarization with the Six Domains of Leadership Survey (SDLS) report.

    3. Insights on how to use the SDLS report in coaching sessions.

    4. An understanding of some of the SDL tools available to support your coaching sessions.

    Meet our Speaker:

    Jose is a CIO and Global Project & Program IT Executive who helps CEOs achieve high IT performance so that they can get the most out of IT, increase revenue, reduce costs, and innovatively transform their company. Jose leverages his proven ability to accelerate and deliver projects and programs and is known for digital transformation strategy efforts at LISI, including three Salesforce-based solutions, an AI/ML and RPA digitizing platform on the cloud, and a BI solution. With a 20+ year track record, Jose brings deep experience in the application of information technology to automate, transform, and enable businesses to digitally leverage the power of data. Jose is also a certified Executive Coach and Director, Coaching Services at Delta Leadership, Inc. He has been coaching through Delta Leadership with the Duke Leadership Program since 2009, as well as Duke’s executive MBA programs. Building on his executive experience, including three years leading leadership development at Intel Corporation, Jose assists his clients in understanding their 360° assessment and developing leadership development and change initiative plans.

    • Friday, September 15, 2023
    • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Zoom

    Q3 Event/ Get Known Everywhere with Jill Lubin

    September 15, 2023 |
    11:00am ET

    There will be a Board update from 11-11:30am, then Jill will take the stage at 11:30am

    CCEUs- TBD

    Discover, as a coach, how to be the #1 Influencer in your industry by boosting your credibility and amplifying your media visibility. Based on her international bestseller, Guerrilla Publicity, Jill Lublin shares simple strategies and provides cost-effective short-term, doable tactics. Helping you understand what the media is looking for, so you and your brand can stand out, get noticed and go from unknown to newsworthy.

    You will:

    1) Understand the real purpose of publicity - To boost your credibility and amplify your visibility.

    2) Uncover your “Oooooo, Ahhhhhh!” factor. Find the Wow! that sets you apart from the crowd.

    3) Discover instant, actionable techniques that will boost your visibility.

    4) You are the news! Craft a riveting message that lets others know who you are and how you can help them.

    Meet your speaker:

    Jill Lublin is a master publicity strategist, consultant, speaker, and bestselling author. With 200+ speaking engagements worldwide, she is committed to helping people find their voice and be heard. Jill empowers audiences through interactive keynotes, seminars, and training programs on publicity, networking, and influence marketing; teaching strategies that can raise impact using publicity as a cost-effective tool.

    Over the past 25 years, Jill has shared powerful networking and publicity strategies; featured on the stage of Tony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Loral Langemeier, and has worked with ABC, NBC, CBS, and other national and international media as a highly regarded publicity expert. She has also connected with thousands of people who have attended her “Crash Course in Publicity”, an ongoing course taught virtually.

    Jill is considered the go-to person for building success through influence marketing, networking, and publicity. She is the author of four bestselling books. Her author experience has given her the opportunity to help others create their book proposals with agents, get book deals with publishers and obtain foreign rights deals.

    • Friday, September 29, 2023
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
    • Zoom

     Where’s Your Oxygen Mask? How Your Wellbeing Affects Your Clients with Denise Stewart

    September 29, 2023 |
    12:00pm ET

    CCEUs- TBD

    As coaches, we get to support our clients in becoming the version of themselves they desire to be.  To do that most effectively requires us to be fully present with him.  How do we do that when we have so much happening in our lives?

    Let’s explore our awareness around our coaching presence and how we can bring OUR best self to each coaching session.

     Some of the things we will discuss during workshop: why a relationship with ourself is the most important relationship we have and why, as coaches, we must remember daily that our wellbeing is paramount in our profession; techniques for ensuring our wellbeing is at the front of our mind constantly; and why being a “selful” person and coach is key to our client’s growth and success.

    Meet our Speaker:

    Denise is an executive and leadership coach who specializes in supporting her clients in discovering their happiness and strengths, personally and professionally. She brings 20+ years of experience teaching, presenting, and serving in both corporate and non-profit organizations.

    Denise has been described as an engaging, informative, and compassionate leader who has an attention to detail and an ability to connect with people very quickly and deeply. Her degree in education provides her with an ability to read a room and exhibit a presence that demonstrates her interest in the people with whom she is meeting. She utilizes tools learned in law school, specifically the training she received around mediation, in her coaching. As a result of learning how to explore, leverage, and incorporate change in her own life, Denise discovered the power of coaching and has never looked back.

    By learning what each person's purpose and innate strengths are, Denise believes all people have the ability to live an amazing life being the best version of themselves. It is through adopting this belief that individuals can consciously lead based on what is best for their organizations, employees, and the world.

    • Friday, October 06, 2023
    • 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
    • Zoom

    Save the Date- Higher Team Performance with Kimberley Parsons

    October 6, 2023 |
    11:00am ET

    More information to come.

    • Thursday, October 19, 2023
    • 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
    • Zoom

    Save the Date- Coaching Psychology Tools with Sackeena Gordon- Jones

    October 19, 2023 |
    11:00am ET

    More information to come.

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