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NOA RONEN, PCC, CPCC, MBA – Leadership Coach. Mentor Coach. Speaker.
Help leaders with Language, communication and Cultural Barriers and leading through personal or organizational change.

Since 2001, I coach Individuals, teams, and leaders to Dare.
I invite them to make bold decisions through organizational and personal transitions that start with their leadership and transform the way they communicate with others.
In the last few years, I work more and more with International leaders who lead in cultural change or go through the experience of expatriation like UN leaders and corporate executives.
My Clients:
I coach expatriates, leaders who go through personal change or lead a cultural change and know that it starts with them. Many of my clients are international Leaders who lead others and themselves through cultural change, they might also experience language barriers and intercultural challenges. I also coach Individuals who are ready to take on a new path like a new career, relocation, and starting a new business or new non-profit.

Dare to be:
Dare to be is not about being courageous, it is about being mindful about the choices you make when you feel lost in the midst of a change. When you decided to take the leap and walk into the path of change you envisioned the results to look one way, but in reality the change took a shape of its own. Now what?

Daring is about identifying where are you out of balance while dealing with your change:

Is your focus is on constant action? Is there something you are trying to avoid?

Is your focus is on perfecting before moving? Is there something holding you back from making a decision?
No matter if you lead a cultural change or personal change, now it is about walking your talk and talk your talk. With the help of the DARE model you will:

Identify where you are on the path of change
Identify what are your current habits and behaviors
Bring new perspective to your current situation
Create new habits around the change that will lead to new choices
Learn how to sustain the energy that you can keep your new habits

t is not always easy to be a change catalyst (mostly it is very challenging). Some of my clients will shy away from their own strengths, while others will feel uncomfortable knowing that being who they are can intermediate others. But they will do everything they can to find the courage and confidence to lead because deep in their heart they know how important their mission is. They believe in the value of community, the value of integrity, the value of generosity and the importance of collaboration.

Services: workshops, individual coaching, team coaching.

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Leadership Coach, Change Coach, Mentor Coach, Speaker
Summary Statement
My motto is very simple: "Don’t look for the differences in others, just open your mind and heart to see things differently.” This is why I do everything I can to create bridges between individuals, leaders and organizations. I believe that to create real impact we can't work alone, we have to go out, and share our message, connect with others and be open to hearing different ideas from different people. When we tune into listening we get surprised with what we can learn from and about others.
Coaching Philosophy
As a native of Israel, I bring an international perspective to the work I do with my clients. My coaching style is direct, honest and very creative.
I am passionate about creating bridges between people and I do this work with social entrepreneurs, executives, global leaders, expatriates, business owners and coaches across the board.

I don't believe in “one size fit-all” coaching programs, I believe that there are no magic formulas, I will work with you, or your team/organization to help you close the gap and move forward. This is why my clients achieve sustainable systems that stay for life and impact not just their communication and relationships style with others but also create opportunities for collaboration, engagement, and high performance in their work/business and also in other aspects of their life. Coaching always touch beyond what you came for!

My motto is very simple: “Don’t look for the differences in others, just open your mind to see things differently.” It is my invitation to see your life situations from above the line and be more mindful about how you show up with others. This is about making a daring choice that will create a real shift in your life and impact your leadership and your relationships with others.
ICF Credential
CPCC, Arbinger the Choice, Tilt365
Master’s Degree in Business Management (MBA) from Derby University UK-Israel, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Beer-Sheva University, Israel.

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Programs and Books

Special Programs
Coaching Program:
Leadership Coaching Program - "Dare to Be" focuses on the being of leadership rather than on different band-aid approaches that teach you to DO leadership. This program is for leaders who work on conscious leadership, leaders who would like to create a sustainable system with a long-term impact, the program is easy to implement and unique to each leader.
Her favorite leader clients are global leaders who lead cultural change and struggle with language and culture barriers and with leading in time of change.

Noa mentors coaches who are pursuing ACC and PCC credentials. She helps coaches improve their coaching skills and hold a better understanding of their blind spots. As the president of the ICF-Raleigh chapter 2016, 2017, Noa has a better understanding of the ICF requirements and she helps coaches prepare for the CKA (Coach Knowledge Assessment) by reviewing the 11 core competencies, code of ethics and providing feedback on their coaching skills aligned with the ICF core competencies that will allow them to pass their oral exam.

- Dare to BE - the being of leadership rather than doing leadership and how to implement it through the DARE system.

- Open Heart Mindset for Strong Leaders - How leaders can be the strong leaders they are and still get the results they want without faking their communication style.

- Language Barriers for leaders and internationals and diverse teams

- From Culture barriers to Shared breakthroughs for teams

Speaking - see next item
Speaking Topics
Speaking - My talks are thought-provoking, engaging and REAL. I commit to sharing personal messy stories while engaging humor and teach how to apply the DARE model that will help you show up differently and feed your energy to keep inspiring, influencing and creating. Contact me to discuss more details.
Dare to BE - DARE is about BEING a leader and not about doing leadership. Who is the Leader you are not daring yourself to be? What are you avoiding when you see a problem? How can you create leadership and culture that derives experimentation and innovation in times of change and uncertainty? DARE to BE is a model that can help you understand how to BE a leader and then choose how you DO it.

The Beauty of Being Lost - When we choose to step into the path of change, often it is not as we envisioned it to be which lead us to feel lost. That is where the beauty of being lost kicks off; we have two main choices, one might be despair and even death, but mostly our need to survive will pick opportunity. Survival forces us to address the problem and get messy until we find creative solutions, and feel resourceful again, or ask for help. That is the conversation we don’t like to have but can impact not only individuals but our team, company and even the society as a whole.

Creating Bridges - we all notice the differences, and we feel very uncomfortable talking about them, but they are always there. Why do we always compare ourselves to others? How can we adopt a new mindset and have a better conversation with others who are different than us? This is the uncomfortable conversation that will leave you feeling comfortable. In this talk, we will understand the neuroscience behind our behavior and find not only compassion (and laugh) to ourselves, but also the compassion and open mindset to others through the "Open Heart Mindset" model.

Dare to BE Different - remember how confident you felt before the move? How can you overcome your current challenges of change in a new culture and feel confident again? let's understand the science behind your thoughts, what are the barriers that holding you back when you realize you have an accent or you can't communicate as well as you want? Is it possible to overcome your barriers and believe in yourself again? with the DARE model it is.
Speaking Recordings
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Smooth Move, 6 Steps to Relocating With Your Family and Staying Alive
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