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Maria Rodriguez-Fischer is a Certified Professional Coach at New Pathways Counseling and Coaching, PLLC. Her focus is on partnering with clients in establishing objectives and goals in their personal and professional lives. She develops, together with client, action plans to manage time more effectively while providing support in identifying personality traits and characteristics to enable individuals to have more insight into the effects of personality and people dynamics at work and home. Her focus is on working with clients to accelerate growth and expand and maximize opportunities in areas such as personal, relationships, career, lifestyle, finances and other areas.

Maria’s interest in coaching started many years ago as she worked with individuals in the mental health field. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker she worked with individuals experiencing various difficulties that kept them stuck in the past or in interactions that were detrimental to their well-being. As a coach she has been able to partner with client in exploring options that will allow them to move forward as they work on setting goals for their future and following their dream.

The focus in her work is on establishing collaborative relationship with the clients to support the clients as they utilize their own resources and knowledge to set and complete goals. As a personal and professional coach some of the services include, facilitating the process of increasing motivation, creating more awareness of personal and professional strengths in client and how to apply strengths for success. Maria works with clients to design a more desirable future working to achieve a client’s personal goals by setting an action plan and using various strategies and tools to keep clients accountable and moving forward. In coaching the client sets the agenda and is responsible for bringing about their desired results.

In addition to providing life and professional coaching, Maria also provides coaching to Parents. The process of Parent Coaching allows a parent to develop clarity regarding the importance of defining the goals that are more significant, appropriate, effective and helpful for themselves and their families. During the parent coaching process the parent works on creating a vision for themselves as parents and also on developing their own preferred outcomes.

In addition, Maria offers workshops and presentations to groups on topics such as; Working with Different Personalities, Productive Relationships, Motivating self and Others, Building an Effective Work Culture, Improving Communication at work and in the family, Stress Management and family/work balance.

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Certified Professional Coach, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
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Certified Professional Coach, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
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At New Pathways Counseling and Coaching the focus is on assisting clients in discovering superior solutions while supporting their personal and professional growth.
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Establishing collaborative relationships with clients to support them as they utilize their own resources and knowledge to set and complete goals.
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Certified Professional Coach
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