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Mr. Wiley leveraged a successful history of delivering information technology and management consulting services into a variety of business growth and leadership positions. In 2013, he founded CEEK LLC with the mission to help organizations redefine and pursue wellness. He defines "organizational wellness" as a healthy, engaged workforce serving a growing or otherwise successful organization. And he contends that an intentional, values-based culture is the glue between the two. Prior to starting CEEK, Mr. Wiley served as an Account Manager at SRA International responsible for growth, execution, and staff development associated with $80M of annual business and approximately 400 employees.

Mr. Wiley holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business from the College of William and Mary and a Master’s degree in Engineering Management from George Washington University. He is a PMI certified Project Management Professional (PMP) that has focused his continuing education on leadership development and coaching. In 2003 he graduated from the Industry Advisory Council (IAC) Partners Program—a program that prepares Government and industry leaders for their roles at the SES and company officer levels. He subsequently participated in multiple leadership and personal development programs such as the HayGroup ‘Leadership Style and Organizational Climate’ training, the World Coaching Institute business coaching program, and the Landmark Forum. He is an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Certified Professional and Executive Coach (CPC and CEC). Mr. Wiley has served as a coach and mentor to many business professionals and he led ‘Culture and Values’ training while at SRA.

Most recently, Mr. Wiley published "Navigate Chaos - a 5-Step Guide to Balance Work, Family, and Other Life Priorities" to help those who are simply going through the motions in their career and life. Mr. Wiley is a sought-after speaker at corporate events, training seminars, and other not-for-profit functions.

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MS Engineering Management - George Washington University; BBA Finance - College of William and Mary
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As Founder and President of CEEK LLC, defined the mission, vision, and core values of a company committed to inspire and empower organizations and individuals to be successful. CEEK helps organizations redefine and pursue ‘Organizational Wellness’ via solutions that enhance collaboration and teamwork, mitigate anxiety and stress, promote healthy balance, and advance a values-based culture. Our tailored solutions in each of these areas include organization wellness assessments, training workshops, professional coaching, and related consulting services. We provide innovative performance support systems that reinforce professional development and facilitate continuous improvement. If your organization depends upon healthy, engaged, and inspired people working effectively toward a common purpose…’CEEK a Better Way®!’
Coaching Philosophy
Mr. Wiley establishes a trusted, confidential environment whereby he challenges clients to more fully understand themselves. He works with his clients to identify and articulate strengths and weaknesses, while exposing potential blinds spots. He helps his clients understand the power of authenticity and humility in the pursuit of self-improvement and advanced leadership development. He works with his clients to uncover and unleash their passion, finding unique and creative ways to pursue and apply that passion in their professional and personal lives.

Mr. Wiley will not simply impart a litany of platitudes and self-help tips. He authentically shares and leverages his own journey of self-discovery and leadership development. He will roll up his sleeves to help tackle complex challenges in the work environment, offering alternative solutions to common or recurring problems. Ultimately, Mr. Wiley challenges his clients to ‘Take the Conn’—assuming ownership for their career, their impact within the organization, their professional development, and their personal fulfillment and job satisfaction. And he will introduce a broader definition of integrity that enables the long-term sustainability of a more fulfilling work-life experience.
ICF Credential
World Coach Institute Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Certified Executive Coach (CEC)

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CEEK offers a series of fixed price training workshops, speaking engagements, and facilitated team building. Theses service are all focused on promoting organizational wellness and pre-crisis integrity. We offer each training workshop in increments of 2, 4, or 8 hour engagements. The duration simply impacts the depth of the materials covered and the extent of hands-on, experiential learning activities experienced during the workshop. The following list represents some of our most popular training workshops offered:

CEEK a Better Way®…To Lead
CEEK a Better Way®…To Communicate
CEEK a Better Way®…To Balance
CEEK a Better Way®…To Be
CEEK a Better Way®…To Change
CEEK a Better Way®…To Grow
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Navigate Chaos - a 5-Step Guide to Balance Work, Family, and Other Life Priorities
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