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My work history is best divided into segments which sometimes overlapped.


From entry level management trainee, I worked for two major international banks in New York, Athens and London, concluding in the role of Executive Vice President & Managing Director, Head of North American Capital Markets and member of the Global Capital Markets Management Committee.

Executive Search

I was a Managing Director of a small, intense and highly successful search firm in New York City, with an emphasis on ongoing success of candidates over several years from hire.

Church Leadership

I volunteered in a variety of functional and leadership roles at both the local and national denominational levels over an uninterrupted period of 25 years.

Voluntary Relief Work & Consulting

I worked in relief center hospitality, organizational learning and counseling in the aftermath of the 9-11 attack in lower Manhattan.


I played a key, frontline role in a very well regarded, family owned, personal transportation company based in Raleigh, NC, with a strong emphasis on customer service.

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BA Yale
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I coach the whole person towards self-leadership.
Coaching Philosophy
Successful leadership is grounded in the ability to lead yourself in a positive direction …

… while fully engaged in business, work, social, family, and personal relationships.

If you won’t lead yourself, you won’t lead others.

I am a coach by temperament, skill and profession.

The cornerstone of my work is to mutually reveal your own native energies and ways of thinking …

… then to clarify your goals and the skills and growth you need to achieve them …

… then to identify what’s actually in the way of your moving forward ...

… then to mutually establish practical and disciplined actions to get you where you want to go and help you stay there until the next challenge.

I want all my clients to live fulfilling lives of real achievement …

… and to know what to do when they are struggling.

My hope is that with time and effort my clients will be able to help others do the same.
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