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Raleigh Coaching LLC & Raleigh Coaching Academy
Kathleen joined the ICF-RAC board in 2009 as VP/ President Elect, served as President from 2010-2011, and continues to be committed to the sustainability and growth of the chapter, its member coaches, and the surrounding community.

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  • Business
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  • Leadership
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  • Professional Development
  • Relationships
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BA, Interpersonal Communication & Branding
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Founder, CEO, Authentic Leadership Coach & Coach Trainer
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Kathleen launched Raleigh Coaching, LLC as a vehicle to inspire creative energy. Raleigh Coaching is an authentic leadership development company that offers coaching, training, mentoring and consulting to a wide variety of individual and corporate clients. It has the charm of a community based business, with a global reach. The mission is to develop leaders and companies that honor individual creativity and innovation.

After over 6 years as a coach, and ICF mentor coach, in 2013 I decided to take my impact to the next level and offer ICF-approved coach specific training in the areas of Life Transition, Leadership, Relationship, Career, Mindfulness, Energy & Consciousness. My mission with RCA is to help foster coaches who are passionate, driven and capable of positively transforming the world around us through their authentically inspired practice.
Coaching Philosophy
As an Authentic Leadership Coach, I don't just coach to the goal, I coach to the soul. I go beyond coaching my clients to achieve their stated goals. Instead, I've developed a model for coaching that seeks out the individual's desired identity driving the goal. In other words, who will you BE once you've achieved your goal, that you don't see yourself as being now. So many people set goals for themselves based on fear or societal expectations. Instead of helping client chases after their next empty milestone of "success", I would rather bring you closer to true fulfillment. I also believe coaching should be a FUN process!
ICF Credential
Two time Past President of ICF-RAC

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Raleigh Coaching Academy, Authentic Leadership Coaching Certification: http://www.raleighcoaching.com/authentic-leadership-coaching-certification/
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AUTHENTICITY IS CONTAGIOUS: How You Can Help to Heal the Human Condition (COMING SOON!)
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