Nicoa Dunne

Nicoa Dunne, holland archer & former Membership Board Chair


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Board Member - Past
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Nicoa Dunne, holland archer & former Membership Board Chair

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BA, MA, Graduate Certificate International Business
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founder, life by design, lead by design coach
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Nicoa’s goal in life? To live a life by design, role modeling for others. Her mission is to help create World Peace in the workplace – one employee at a time! It is possible to remove the angst and chaotic experience life can bring and find peace in the moment. How can she help YOU find that new way of being that creates Peace inside of YOU?
Coaching Philosophy
The Law of Being, positive psychology, ontological coaching, energy leadership, "The More", somatic coaching based on the BEL Model - Body, Emotion and Language, Spiritual
ICF Credential
The Newfield Network; Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC); HAPACUS; Certified Science of Happiness Trainer; Femfessionals; Cystic Fibrosis Foundation;

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A Gathering Place

The Happiness Journey

The Law of Being

Energy Leadership
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  • Board Member
  • Cutting Edge Leader
  • Event Sponsor
  • ICW Sponsor
  • Speaker at Monthly Meeting
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2014, 2015 (Membership Chair)
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