WORKSHOP: Mindful Coaches - Transforming How We Think, Interact and Work with Our Clients

  • Wednesday, November 11, 2015
  • 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Builders First Center 5580 Centerview Drive Raleigh NC 27606


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November 11, 2015

Builder's First Center: 5580 Centerview Drive Raleigh NC 27606

11:30 - 12:30 Networking & Lunch
12:30 -   2:00 Program

Imagine being able to focus our attention as coaches in the here and now without worrying about what to say next during our session, without judging ourselves or our clients, or worrying if what we say will impress or discourage those we work with.  The ability to show up fully and with a particular quality of attention during our coaching sessions can prove to be transformational and freeing for the coach as well as the client.  As we develop our ability to focus awareness and attention in the present moment, we become less prone to function with auto-pilot reactions, experience fear that we are not enough, and continue presenting with old habits and judgments toward self and clients.  Rather, we are better able to listen fully, find ourselves excited and curious during sessions, and make choices to support the client through heightened awareness as opposed to getting caught up on conditions outside of our awareness.  Coaching mindfully provides opportunities for deep-diving with our clients and ourselves in a way that will enhance our ability to assist clients in reaching their goals, and to further develop our skills and capacity as professional coaches.


This one and a half hour live workshop will provide coaches with scientifically validated tips, tools, techniques and experiential opportunities to better understand how coaches can respond effectively within a partnership framework with their clients.   Coaches will learn how to apply both formal and informal mindfulness practice to their coaching business, shift perceptions that impede successful interpersonal relationships, and build a set of individual behaviors and skills that can empower authentic and meaningful growth for both client and coach. This workshop is based on the groundbreaking mindfulness research study Dr. Linger conducted with high-level executives within their dynamic organizations as well as the work of other mindfulness leaders who work in coaching and consultant capacities.


Please contact Deb Oronzio at or 919.280.5228 if you want to facilitate a CEC event and/or have an idea for topic discussion.  This includes live programs and webinars.  We can serve you best when we know your needs!

The following ICF Core Competencies will be addressed - Co-Creating the Relationship, Communicating Effectively, and Facilitating Learning and Results.

You may issue approval to each attendee for the following hours:

Core Competencies


Resource Development


Dr. Rita Anita Linger has over 25 years of experience in designing, implementing and overseeing organizational effectiveness initiatives in major for-profit corporations, non-profits and healthcare systems, including working with organizations to identify and execute business imperatives, develop and implement strategic and change management plans, assist in the organization and development of working teams, creation of org. health and wellness initiatives, performance management & execution strategies, data analysis & evaluation, mediation, skillful negotiation & communication processes, executive and integrative coaching. As a certified integrative coach, mind-body skills group and mindfulness instructor, all of Dr. Linger’s work is done through a "mindful leader" lens with the goal of developing individuals and teams toward excellence. Her clients include but are not limited to: American Express, Harlem Globetrotters, Dell, Vidant healthcare,  Maricopa Integrative Health Systems, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, NYS Court System, Association for Supportive Childcare, US Marine Corp, US Army, PNC Bank, Comerica Bank, American Heart Association, Phoenix Police Department, Monsanto, Qualcom, Sharpened Image, US Dept. of Energy,  AZ Attorney General's Office, United Airlines. She serves as business faculty at several universities.

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