Cutting Edge Conversation: The Power of Story in Coaching

  • Thursday, June 23, 2016
  • 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
  • West Regional Library Morrisville, 4000 Louis Stephens Dr, Cary, NC
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The use of story in coaching can be a powerful tool for change. Since we once survived with only oral tradition, our brain is believed to be hardwired for story. 

A story is the cognitive component of a chain that triggers subsequent emotions and behaviors.  A story is the perspective or filter through which a person perceives events and/or makes meaning of circumstances.  Every person perceiving the same situation will tell a different story, each from her/his own perspective or lens.  A story can also be allegorical, with a higher meaning transcending the story, which can be applied to a situation at hand. 

Come to this Cutting Edge Conversation prepared to share how you have or may in the future use story in your coaching practice.  Or, tell us a brief story or fable that you find useful for increasing awareness and insight in your clients.  Be prepared to share with others the many other ways you have or may in the future use the power of story in your practice. 

About our Facilitator: Cindy Hardwick is a licensed psychologist, consultant and professional coach.  She enjoys helping individuals broaden their perspectives in ways that allow them to create greater meaning and purpose in the stories they live and tell.  She serves as a consultant and coach to individuals, businesses and organizations, helping them become greater versions of who they already are.  Cindy is also known for creating insightful solutions to compelling issues, and for transforming crucial conversations into dynamic dialog.

Please contact Tracy Jenkins if you want to facilitate a CEC event and/or have an idea for topic discussion.  This includes live programs and webinars.  We can serve you best when we know your needs!

Attendance limited to 20.

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