Webinar: How to Practice the Double Pause to Increase Awareness in Your Coaching by Marilyn O'Hearne

  • Wednesday, November 30, 2016
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Webinar


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“How to Practice the Double Pause to Increase Awareness in Your Coaching”

Presenter: Marilyn O'Hearne, MSW, MCC, LLC; Master Certified Coach, International Coach Federation

   •      Ever start a session with you or the client stressed or "all over the place?” Marilyn will lead us through a brief, focusing Centering “Pause” to refresh.

   •      (As coaches,) we may aspire to be judgment free.  Is that really possible? 

   •      Unconscious Bias neuroscience research says no, that is not how our brains work. Even those of us who are used to working multiculturally!

   •      This is literally an explosive topic in the US! From the Glass Curtain, generational gaps and lingering cultural fears or resentment, our coaching and coaching business will benefit from recognizing and managing our Unconscious Bias.

How do we (as coaches), then, recognize and appropriately manage our cultural judgments so they do not limit our coaching-both in terms of who we coach and also establishing trust?

Marilyn will lead us through 2 pauses designed to refresh and re-focus and then move us from judgment, which can sabotage our success, to increased awareness, impact, influence, and income.

Benefits of attending this program include:

   •      Develop a refreshing, focusing Centering practice (for you and your clients) which increases awareness

   •      Discover how your Unconscious Bias may be sabotaging success by unknowingly driving away some cultural groups

   •      Learn a quick way to uncover and update bias to build trust with clients  

   •      Begin to develop strategies to manage Unconscious Bias to expand your impact 

CCE's Pending.

Marilyn OHearne, MA MCC, is a globally experienced (since 98) Culturally Intelligent Leadership and Mentor Coach and Speaker. Marilyns faith in you and your abilities along with her gentle strength provide a trustworthy, secure launching pad for rocketing from overwhelm to transformation. Her training and experience include training in US, UK and Bali based coaching programs, living in Spain and Brazil and teaching, training, speaking and coaching extensively in Asia Pacific.  Her passion for intercultural competency in coaching led her to: Developing Culturally Intelligent Programs for Coaches; 6 years, ICF Global Board of Directors and co-authoring “The Intersection of Culture and Ethics” for Law and Ethics in Coaching.

Marilyn was recognized for her visionary and innovative leadership with the Thomas Leonard Achievement Award at the ICF Midwest Regional Conference June 2015.

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