Cutting Edge Conversation: Can You Hear, See or Feel What I'm Saying?

  • Thursday, March 23, 2017
  • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
  • South Regional Library, 4505 S. Alston Ave., Durham, NC 27713
  • 9


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Building rapport, and creating a win-win situation using Neuro-Linguistics

  • In Neuro-Linguistics, matching a person's verbal style and mirroring their body movements and gestures leads to what is called rapport, a state of strong connection between people.

  • After rapport is established, a person is more open to your ideas and suggestions. Using another person's language quickly builds trust; you are perceived as being "like me" and therefore safe. Trust is the connective tissue of successful business relations, from negotiations to socializing at meetings or functions.
  • To understand the workings of Neuro-Linguistics, it's helpful to first understand your own communication style. Once you are familiar with your own style, pay attention to the words and phrases that your client, vendor, associate, friend or spouse uses. If they're different from the ones you use, translate your ideas and feelings into language that makes sense to them.
  • This is both a powerful persuasion technique and a respectful way to communicate.
  • Since meetings are communication tools, being aware of Neuro-Linguistics can make every person a participant, not just an attendee.

In this Cutting Edge Conversation after completing a communication styles quiz, we will discuss:

1)   What did you notice filling out the questionnaire?

2)   What’s your communication style?

3)   Were you surprised with the result of the quiz?

4)   After taking the quiz, were you able to identify other’s communication preferences?

5)   How important this awareness is for your coaching practice?

6)   How will this change your interactions with other people?

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