DURHAM Cutting Edge Conversation: Tools of the Trade

  • Tuesday, June 20, 2017
  • 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Durham County South Regional Library - 4505 S Alston Ave, Durham, NC 27713
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Tools of the Trade

We all have our favorite go-to tools we use most often.  We do that for a reason – they work!  This Cutting Edge Conversation is an opportunity to share either a coaching tool or a business tool that you absolutely would not want to do without.  It could be a tool you developed yourself that you are willing to share or an old standby like the Wheel of Life you use in a unique way.  Perhaps you have a filing system, scheduler, social media, or marketing tool you use on the operations side business that has become invaluable to your business – those are welcome in this discussion as well.  Our fellow coach colleagues have a wealth of experience and wisdom to share.  This conversation is about learning new methods from each other.   If your favorite tool is a worksheet or product of some kind that you can bring to show us, that would be helpful to the visual learners in the group.   The definition of tool is broad; it could be a worksheet, visualization, concept, book, exercise, assessment, video, website, organizer, poster, software, notebook et al.  Bring your creativity and willingness to try something new.

In this Cutting Edge Conversations, we will explore:

  •        What is your favorite coaching tool(s) and why?
  •        How can I incorporate a new tool into my established way of doing business?
  •        What do I do when I am resistant to incorporating a new tool/system?
  •        How do I incorporate a new tool when it changes the way I interact with established clients?
  •        How does willingness to incorporate new practices expand my range as a coach?

Facilitator’s Bio

Heidi Hackney, MS is a CTI graduate currently in the certification process.  She has formal education in psychology, gerontology and family development.  She has worked in the retirement community, hospital and pharmaceutical research industries.   She also brings a unique set of skills to coaching through exposure to 12 Step Programs, addiction, cognitive behavioral training programs, high functioning autism, and group leadership/outreach.  In addition to her love for all things coaching, she also has a heart for non-profit boards and will be providing team development/coaching programs for that particular group.

Please contact Kelly Best at KellyBestCoaching@gmail.com or 919.389.0640 if you want to facilitate a Cutting Edge Conversation event and/or have an idea for a topic discussion.

Attendance limited to 20.

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