• Thursday, October 29, 2020
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October 29, 2020

The dictionary defines legacy as a gift of personal property by will. The origin comes from the Latin verb, Legare “to appoint by a last will”, or to “send us as an ambassador”. 

During the past 10 months the world has experienced something unprecedented with COVID. It has shined the light on the uncertainty of life and what our splash is in this world. As we reflect on this year, our impact, and the brevity of life, we have a unique opportunity to become intentional about our legacy.

What constitutes  a legacy? 

  • Do all people intend to leave a legacy? 

  • What differentiates legacy from impact? 

Legacy has elements of time, intention and action. 

  • Some legacies began to show up while we haven’t left.

  • Some legacies are like fire, they catch other’s interest, and become bigger than one person.

  • Some legacies survive beyond generations. 

  • Sometimes it’s difficult to find one’s legacy. 

Join us for this Cutting Edge Conversation to explore further.

Facilitators: Maryam Mohaghegh and Barton Cutter

Maryam Mohaghegh, MSc
Maryam Mohaghegh, MSc, NC State University is co-facilitator of Higher Ed Special Interest Group and Founder of Coaches in Academia, is a Lecturer of Persian Language and Culture at North Carolina State University, where she also serves as a member of the Board for Student Success and a member of the board for UNC Language assembly. Maryam developed expertise as a scientist in molecular biology and virology, before turning her energies toward languages and teaching. Most recently, she has blended her passion for helping students learn and grow through teaching in the academy, with her passion for serving the whole person through coaching. She got her CPC from  Business and Professional Coach Institute at NC State and now brings her coaching skills to support students and faculty. Maryam believes coaching as a required element of higher education as they attempt in defining and designing their future path and works to bring it forward.

Barton Cutter, PCC, CPCC
A disruptor by nature, Barton’s irreverent wit cuts directly to the heart of any issue while illuminating spaciousness within paradox. He is an ICF Credentialed Professional Certified Coach, a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, inclusion expert, Healer and meditation teacher, and international speaker. He provides powerful change agents, organizations, and teams the essential tools to capitalize on inherent wholeness within human systems. 
Barton’s field expertise includes 10+ years in development of human capital, inclusive program design, and over 35,000 hours of training in meditation and indigenous spiritual traditions. Through shifting the paradigm around what it means to cultivate true mastery with the unseen, his clients experience amplified impact and profit through honoring a deepened sense of wholeness. The owner of Cutter's Edge Consulting and Barton Cutter Coaching, Barton weaves together this rich background to offer leadership development coaching, training, and consulting to organizations and private clients globally.

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