ICF Raleigh Quarterly Book Club – 2nd Session Follow-up & Discussion

  • Wednesday, April 28, 2021
  • 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
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ICF Raleigh Quarterly Book Club – 2nd Session Follow-up & Discussion

How Women Rise: Break the 12 Habits Holding You Back from Your Next Raise, Promotion, or Job

Leadership expert Sally Helgesen and bestselling leadership coach Marshall Goldsmith have trained thousands of high achievers — men and women — to reach even greater heights. Again and again, they see that women face specific and different roadblocks from men as they advance in the workplace. In fact, the very habits that helped women early in their careers can hinder them as they move up. Simply put, what got you here won't get you there . . . and you might not even realize your blind spots until it's too late.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the follow-up discussion to the Book Club review of How Women Rise held in March. We will do a short recap of the book and then have a discussion regarding any learnings, best practices for you or your clients. Even if you didn't have time to read the whole book, we will make sure you feel part of the club. Join us!

The Authors - Sally Helgesen & Marshall Goldsmith

Sally Helgesen is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and leadership development consultant. Her latest book, The Female Vision: Women's Real Power at Work, explores the strategic dimension of women's leadership. Her other books include The Female Advantage: Women's Ways of Leadership, hailed as "the classic work" on women's leadership style, translated into 12 languages and continually in print for twenty years. Sally delivers seminars, keynotes, and workshops for the world's leading corporations, associations, universities, and non-profits.

Dr. Goldsmith is a new member of the Thinkers 50 Hall of Fame. He is the only two-time Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World. He has been ranked as the World's #1 Executive Coach and Top Ten Business Thinker for eight years. Marshall was chosen as the inaugural winner of the Lifetime Award for Leadership by the Harvard Institute of Coaching.

Our Facilitator- Sylvia Sloan Black, Ph.D., MBA, M.S., BCC, is President of Black Star Strategies, Inc., a firm that specializes in providing executive coaching and strategic consulting for organizations in a variety of business sectors. In her professional life, Sylvia has often been one of only a few women in a male-dominated environment. Beginning with her collegiate studies in physics through her doctoral studies in strategic management and then extending to male-dominated work environments, she experienced and studied some of the challenges that women who aspire to senior leadership roles face. Since leaving academia and beginning a coaching practice, many of her clients have expressed the frustrations of being female in a man’s world. Whether coaching women in the manufacturing, telecommunications, military or other heavily male industries, she has heard similar stories of being overlooked for promotion despite strong performance. As a result, she is passionate about helping women find their voices, claim their leadership abilities and command the respect of their male counterparts. That passion also extends to helping men recognize their part in developing talent regardless of gender in their organizations and in supporting women who demonstrate the ability to be leaders. It gives Sylvia great pleasure that the numbers of women in the C-Suite and the management levels leading to the C-Suite are growing and she is excited to be a part of a movement in coaching to “help women rise”.

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