What’s that about? A unique opportunity to learn what is happening in the coaching community

  • Wednesday, February 15, 2012
  • 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
  • RTP Radisson


Are you curious about what the Raleigh Area Board of Directors has planned for 2012 – or how your interests/desires played a role in that plan?
  • Are you interested in how your membership dues will be used and about the value you will get from them this year?
  • Do you want to know how our professional organization’s coaches are touching the community? Do you want to know how you can be involved?
  • Are you Playing to the Edge? Do you know what that means and how you can do it?
  • Are you interested in pursuing your ICF Credentials this year? Or do you need clarity on ICF memberships and credentials?

The February meeting will be a unique opportunity to learn about what is happening in the coaching community. This will be a business meeting and a networking event. We hope that you will leave it informed, engaged, and inspired.

  • You will receive an overview of the 2011 ICF conference, Playing to the Edge.
  • We will share the plan for 2012 programming, community outreach, and other member events.
  • We will provide information and answer questions on relevant chapter issues: budget, website, membership, programs, and communications.
  • We will ask you to identify one thing that you want to do for yourself and your ICF chapter this year and try to find ways to make that happen.

The Raleigh Area Chapter of the International Coach Federation belongs to the members who support it. This chapter continues to grow and excel in offering a professional resource to the local coaching and business communities. Your Board of Directors invites you to participate in this business and networking event as a way to stay informed, engaged and inspired. Please join us and share your needs, desires and ideas for taking our organization to the edge – the leading edge of coaching professionalism.

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