Using Silence to Maintain Presence and Evoke Awareness

  • Friday, July 14, 2023
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Zoom


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Using Silence to Maintain Presence and Evoke Awareness with Laura Janusik

Date Change: July 14, 2023 |
12:00pm ET

CCEUs 1.5 Core Competencies

Newer coaches often say they feel like an imposter or fraud because they don’t know how they add value to their client by just listening.  More experienced coaches identify their ability to be comfortable in the silence as one of their strengths as a coach. That is the paradox of Silence.  It’s in the silence that coaches provide the client with time to think so they can find their own answers.

“You should avoid the temptation to break into this space by feeling forced to ‘speed the process up’ or doing something ‘so that the client realizes that you are worth your fees’ (Dembknowski, Eldridge, & Hunter, 2006).  It is in the strategic silence where you add the most value.

Laura has researched Silence and taught many of the strategies to feel confident doing it.  Join this interactive session where you’ll actually practice new strategies for silence.  This presentation has something for both beginning and advanced coaches!


  1. Coaches will better understand how listening is helping the client by learning some research on silence.
  2. Coaches will learn two techniques that can be used to help your client go deeper.
Coaches will practice the techniques to become more comfortable with strategic silence.

Speaker: Laura Janusik’s 

Coaches rely on listening more than almost any other profession, yet the training coaches get in listening is minimal. Laura is a results-driven communication/listening coach and trainer and a recognized worldwide expert in teaching and training listening. Laura helps coaches understand the science of listening by translating the research and helping coaches figure out how to apply it in their coaching practices. With a Ph.D. in Communication with a specialization in Listening, as well as an MBA, and her ECHO™ Listening Certified Professional Certificate, Laura is able to see different ways to solve problems through both communication and process systems.

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