Dispelling Fear: The Turning-point from Vision to Action with Kathleen O’Grady (ACC)

  • Wednesday, August 14, 2013
  • 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
  • Builders First Center at 5580 Centerview Drive, Raleigh NC


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Vision into actionThis powerful program focuses on the most critical transition-point in the coaching session: when we take our clients from simply imagining their vision, to actually implementing it. This is where trust in the coaching relationship is truly tested. Clients typically experience the strongest resistance and fear during this phase of the coaching model, and coaches need to be agile in their approach to ushering their client over this courage threshold. Join us for an interactive discussion of how to:
  • Take coaching presence and trust-building to a whole new level
  • Facilitate a solid and practical awareness of what’s possible
  • Manage client resistance and push-back
  • Banish the inevitable “buts”
  • Revisit previous phases of the coaching model when necessary
  • Help clients emotionally commit to their action plan from a place of clarity and confidence
Coaches will enhance core competencies in two areas
  1. Co-creating the Relationship
    1. Establishing trust and intimacy with the client
    2. Coaching Presence
  2. Communicating Effectively
    1. Active Listening
    2. Powerful questioning
    3. Direct communication
During the second phase of the meeting, we will be breaking into Coaching Triads to practice these skills, learn from other coaches, and give feedback. Bring your own dreams, goals or desires to your breakout triad, and receive free coaching as well.

KathleenAbout the facilitator:
Kathleen O’Grady (ACC) is Founder of Raleigh Coaching, LLC and two-time Past President of ICF-RAC.

Kathleen's mission as a coach is fostering approaches for working and living more authentically. She understands that the greatest gift a coach can give their client is the courage to recognize and stand in their own power. Kathleen serves her clients with individual coaching, ICF mentor-coaching, and leadership training.

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